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Club Penguin Hangout – Ice Land, Cove

Hey everyone! Me and Cabluey have started a new hangout place! We moved to a new server called Ice Land. View this video for more information.

We think that this could be a huge success and loads of fun at the same time! Come and meet us on the Server Ice Land at the Cove. Banner by Rifbif.

Since there has been so many huge crowds on Frozen and Mammoth we think its time for a change. The dock is a fun place to hang out and all, but I think the cove will be much better. We have changed the main hangout place to the Server Ice Land at the Cove. Ice Land is located in the United Kingdom Flag (Third Flag) and we will mainly be hanging out at the Cove. I will be on this server a lot, and will be adding tons of buddies. Its a lot of fun! We will be having parties too! Check to see if my igloo is open.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


6 Responses

  1. hey i think i was in that video and bike boy can u please add me?

  2. Hey Dont Forget About Those Annoying Bots! That Just Pretend That There Giving Away Items! 😉


  3. Bike Nice Vid Dude i like the color

  4. ur in a new video group??

    Bike Boy93 Said: No not at all we are just the ones that started the hang out 😀

  5. ok. hey can i plz join vb? if there is any openings i can do it. o ya tomarrow check the featured igloo. If ur igloo isnt the featured igloo the i will complain to cp bneacuse they said it would


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