Mission 8 Guide & Rockhopper Spotted!

Hey everyone! The new mission is finally out! It is called “Mysterious Tremors.” The mission has to due with the earthquake that happened around the town area last week! You must be a secret agent to do this mission and must have completed Mission 7 to do Mission 8. I have made a video tutorial on how to beat it!

Here is the video I have made to beat Mission 8:

If you need help with Mission 7 or any other Missions, Click Here.


If you go the the beacon and click on the telescope you will find Rockhopper is almost here!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


10 Responses

  1. I can’t wait!I’m stuck on the tunnel part

  2. How long will it take you the video i’m stuck in one part in clubpenguin

  3. Sorry for the late release everyone! I had to eat dinner by the time it came out 😛

    ~Bike Boy93~

  4. Awesome Post Man! You Rock!
    Keep Up The Good Work!
    ~Sir Coop014

  5. Nice Mission Guide! I Followed It And Finished My Mission! Thanks!
    ~Sir Coop014

  6. thanks for the video bikeboy can you cheek out my videos on youtube my name is marc9787940666

  7. Hey Bikeboy
    Long time no see
    Remember me?
    comment back plz

  8. Hey!
    I like your theme! It totally rocks!
    And your an awesome blogger!
    Im having an awsome contest, with awesome prices!
    Hope you can enter!


  9. sweet tutorial and dont think u were late

  10. hey bike i dont know how to make pis so i will use urs for now. but dont worry i will give you full credit

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