Club Penguin Newspaper Issue # 140

Hey Everyone! The Newspaper Issue #140, Has Came out! And Well here’s the news in it!

First Off, In the First Page, You Can have a Water Party Review! Also Great for some of you that didn’t get to go! It’s Talking about, all the awesome Decorations!

Next, Off In the Summer Sneak Peek Section. It Talks about Rockhopper Coming! (Yay) So For a few of you, that don’t know him. He is The Club Penguin Pirate. He Brings, Around 3 Free Items. And Visits Every Month!

Another, Thing is a area, Called Summer Events, It’s talking about, All the Events Coming up, Or that we have already had. It’s Cool out of all though.

Also, A hidden, Note is found it the Newspaper! I have Translated it for you. You Can See, I edited, and put in where in the newspaper, To find it. It’s on the Summer Sneak Peek Area, Click The Crab, And Click Puffles until it unlocks it. Also Be shocked When you close this out…

Oh, And the Awesome Events I Can’t Wait for!

June 20

  • New Furnisher Catalog
  • New Pin Released

June 27

  • New Sports Catalog

July 1

  • Fireworks For July Celebrations

Waddle on…

~ Mixturey


3 Responses

  1. cool!!!! I cant wait for the fireworks!!!!!!

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  3. Awesome Bike Boy!Hey can you please tell me how you do the header image?It’s so cool!!
    Theme of my web: Freshy

    Creater of the CPProductions

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