Mission 8 & Rockhopper Returning!

Hey guys! There is a lot going on today and some disappointments. First of all the water party ended today 😦 That was a great party and a great job decorated by Club Penguin! I’m definitely going to miss it! Anyways, Club Penguin has announced they are almost done with the new mission!

The Club Penguin Mission 8 is nearly done and will be out next week:

If you want to play this new mission you would have to beat the last mission. If you need help with Mission 7, Click Here.

Also, Rockhopper will be back at the end of the month! Although you can not see him through the telescope at the Beacon yet but keep checking!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


3 Responses

  1. hey bike1 can u do me a big favor?
    im having a 1,000 hits party soon and i wanted to know if u can make me an ivataition. also can u be A SEPCIAL GUEST? i also really want to join u and vital flame.

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sure I will but I will have to do it tomorrow due to my finals 😦

  2. ok! go to my site for the info http://www.tren56.wordpress.com

  3. Hey, I’ve heard the red lei is returning. Is it true?! I GOTTA KNOW!!!

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