60,000 Hits Party

Hey guys! Not that long ago I had my 45,000 hits party! That party was a blast but this one looks like it will be a whole lot better! I will be having my 60,000 hits party June 14, 2008 at 8:00 AM Club Penguin Time, Tundra, Dock. Look below for the invitation and what we will be doing at the party!

Here is the official invitation for my 60,000 hits party:

What we will do at the party:

  • Snow Ball fight at the Snow Forts.
  • Play Find 4, and Sled Racing.
  • I will be having a contest on the five people who beat me in find 4 will be posted on the site.
  • I will be adding 20 penguins!

Information About Party:

When: June 14, 2008

Time: 8 AM Club Penguin Time

Where: Tundra, Dock

Who: Everyone & Special Guests

If you came to my last party it we did a lot of these events! Except this time I predict there will be more people at the party! It is something to look forward to!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


8 Responses

  1. im comin:D

    do you remember me and y

    Bike Boy93 Said: Yes, I do remember Me and y.

    Visit mine and comment


  3. i am so there!

  4. hey who are the special guests?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Some famous guests such as Arctic Furry, and Swiminn6 so far!

  5. can i be a special geust?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Of course you can!

  6. hey bike boy im me and y

  7. can I be a special guest

  8. thanks!

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