Club Penguin Times Issue #138 & Player Card Update

Hey guys! Today the new newspaper is out on Club Penguin! It talks about the Summer kick off party, and also a play coming to the stage June 13!

If you want to check out the new newspaper without logging on, Click Here.

Summer Kick Off Party 2008:

If you guys were around last summer to be a part of the water party 2007 it was amazing! Club Penguin is throwing it again this month because we all loved it so much! Make sure you are a part of the awesome Water Party 2008! It will be coming June 13-17

A play of prehistoric proportions:

Don’t forget to come check on out the new stage coming June 13! It will have a lot to do with proportions! I am glad that there is a new stage coming! I don’t like when they keep bringing back old ones.

Summer 2008 Sneak Peek:

If you guys are excited for the water party coming up you will be excited about what Club Penguin has planned for more events coming this summer! They plan to have rockhopper come, contests, parties, catalogs, games, and new stages! This summer looks like a blast! I can’t wait!

Upcoming Events:

In other news…

They announced on the cpip blog that they are publishing the player card update very soon! Recalling a few weeks ago, they announced they will be updating the player card to find your items easier and they did! It is not out yet, but keep on checking back here for more information!

Here is a picture of what it will look like in your player card:

The red X on the bottom right is a ‘clear all’ button. That means if you press it all of your items will be taken off your penguin. This will be an easier option to get the items off.

Also, Club Penguin said that they will be making a similar update on the furniture inventory like the update they made on the player cards so stay tuned!

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. Hey Bike Boy whats up, just to let u know, that “clear all” button doesn’t delete your clothes, it just removes all the clothes your currently wearing. So for all u rare penguins reading this, don’t worry about that button.

  2. i dont like the delete buttoon. also can u make a tst production banner for me and tren. mine are pretty good but yours alot better. can u make a banner if u join us or not. thanks! The Source

  3. Dude nice pots and site. I can’t wait until the Water Party!

  4. oops not pots, I meant post lol

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