Sneak Peek For Summer Water Party 2008

Hey guys! Today Club Penguin posted some exciting news on there blog. It talks about everyone talking about how much they loved last years water party. Well, Club Penguin announced that they will be bringing it back this month! All the best parts will be there and then some!

Here is the sneak peek the Club Penguin Team has been working on:

The party will be coming to Club Penguin June 13-18, so head on out and wear summer clothes! 😉

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


9 Responses

  1. does wordpress cost money? because if is doesnt i will make one

    Bike Boy93 Said: Good question. It doesn’t cost money, but however if you want to buy CSS or a domain it will cost you $15 for both. Please remind your self that CSS and domain’s aren’t required.

  2. o yea I remembe last years party but I didnt get all the items that was when I started CP 🙂

  3. U told me to comment. 😥

  4. SWEET! Man the CP team should put up the summer clothing log by now! I need a swimsuit! BRING ON THE SURFBOARDS DUDE!

  5. Nice work on the post:D

  6. nice i cant wait for the party.

    sAcReD PCA-P 003

  7. can you give me the link to the one thats free?

  8. nevermind

  9. bikeboy go to my site!!
    im having a little trouble running it if you can help me that would be great!

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