Club Penguin Times Issue #137

Update: Hey Guys I’m Mixturey We I wanted you all to know I’m a new Editor here for the awesome and one and only Bike Boy93! Woot Woot!

Hey 8timmy360 here posting for Bike Boy93! The new newspaper is out and it talks about the winners of the igloo contest, and writers contest!

Writing Contest Winners!

The Newspaper Realeased The Wrinting Story Winners. Here They Are! These Are Awesome Stories. May 30th These Stories Will Be Realesed.




These Stories Look Awesome! I’m Looking Foward To Reading This May 30th!

Igloo Contest Winners

There Are More Winners! This IS For The Igloo Contest Winner! I Lost ( But I Don’t Care It’s Fun Decorating! Here Are The Winners

10 Runner Ups!

10 Official Winners:

Congrats To The Winners Of The Igloos! Wow So Many Photos For Me To Upload Lol. This Was My best Newspaper Post! I Hope You Guys Like It.

Upcoming Events:

Nice To Be Here!



5 Responses

  1. Nice site! love da igloos… 😀

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  3. great post bike!


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