Thank You Item for Testers

Hey guys! In the past month many of you have been wondering when and what the CPIP thank you item for testing the servers is going to come out! Well, today Club Penguin announced on there CPIP blog that the thank you item will be put in your inventory when you log on Club Penguin this Friday! Unfortunately, penguins that didn’t sign up for CPIP will not receive the test item.

I have made a poll for you guys to vote what you think the item will be!

For More Information:

In other news…..

My good friend of mine Caxianer from Club Penguin has got hacked on youtube 😦 Sadly he can not get his account back because the person who hacked him changed his pass! It would help a ton if you could subscribe to him! His youtube account is Thanks 😉

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


12 Responses

  1. Awesome man! Hopefully a Ninja Suit! 😉

  2. Nice man! lol ninja!


  3. Hopefully ninja!!

  4. hey wassup every one long time no see im back for now! lol cheak out my site for more details

  5. great post bikeboy!
    i voted party hat!
    - ❗

  6. i kno wat it is

  7. i can tell if u want

    Bike Boy93 Said: What is it?

  8. thankd dude!
    and your almost reaching 60,000 hits!
    thats x2 times mine great job!

  9. and thanks for the comment bikeboy!
    would u like to work on my site and me and u can work with each other we dont have to make youtube videos but do u want to?
    if so comment back! 🙂


  10. its a pink and purple party hat

  11. the colors are kinda darker

  12. Its a pink and purple hat

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