Club Penguin Cheats For Medieval Party

Hey guys! The medieval party has started on Club Penguin! It is pretty cool, check it out 😉

The Square Tunic is at the Dock. It is the Only Free Clothing Item:

There is also a brand new Room! Go to the Forest and go up the tree:

Here is a Picture of the new Club Penguin Room:

(Click to enlarge.)

The Switchbox3000 has been added to the mine. It controls what the dragon does.

Club Penguin did an amazing job decorating this party! They must have spent part of last month, and part of this month to decorate! Great job Club Penguin Team! 😀

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. Awesome post Toronto.

  2. Hey Bike, I was there when you were posting that! lol and comment please!

  3. dear bike boy, the new age must come,. join the vaporizers who will comemnt at penguins wiht over 300,000 hits and tell them its time to quit, hopefully its will bring new famous penguins including you

  4. Hey Bike Boy u have a GREAT site!!!

  5. Awesome post! Wanna plan a party on Cp together? It could be cool!

  6. I added you to my blogroll. I have 35,500 hits and counting so I meet the requirements. Thanks!

  7. By the way, my site is

  8. Good post man!


  9. Again I added you to my Blogroll.

    Bike Boy93 Said: Same here! 😀

  10. bikeboy i looked at the archived nice trick on trying to be famous 😉 even more cause u already are

    Bike Boy93 Said: bikeboy93 the beta deleted most of my posts… 😦

  11. Hey Bikeboy. Do you have a banner and like you like on it and it is a link to your site? Cause on my site I am posting those on my sidebar.

  12. Thanks Bikeboy93! 😀

  13. HI Bikeboy I really admire your site. and well I added you to my blog roll since January 2008 when my blog began. And Your Site Ruules. If you have time visit my site at

  14. i added u to my blogroll… i hav over 37000 hits so ya… can uadd my site to ur blogroll cos i completed the requirements… if u wanna check, my site is if the link doesnt work just click on my name! ciaou!

  15. hey dude!!!!
    swiminn and bikeboy93 have one my contest!!!
    they have one beta’s with all the pins and everything and i site too work on with me!!!!!!!
    check the site out!
    see ya next time!
    comment back!
    P.S. and keep goin too!

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