New Feature “Penguin Mail”

Hey guys! Today Club Penguin has announced a huge update with the post card system. This is going to be the biggest update yet in the post card system! In a few weeks the new “Penguin Mail” will be coming along with other features. You will be able to save a post card to keep and use later, and even send people post cards when they are off line on Club Penguin!

Stay tuned for more updates from the CPIP blog.

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


4 Responses

  1. hey bkieboy can u put me on ur blogroll [i really need hitz!?!]
    and if u put me on ur bolgroll ill put u on my blogroll

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sorry.. We have a requirement to have 35,000 hits to be on are blogroll. Thanks

  2. thants cool bike:D:D

  3. wonder what its going to look like probally really really weird or somtin like that?!?!?!?!?

    -cpmac 😉

  4. hey dude!
    i meet ur blogroll requirments.

    Bike Boy93 Said: Great job!! P.s nice blog 😉

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