Igloo Contest Coming Soon & New Group TPR

Hey guys there is a lot going on lately and one new update is that Club Penguin is bringing out a new igloo contest! It is coming May 23 so be ready to save your coins! Winners will receive 10,000 coins and will be featured in the Club Penguin Newspaper!

New Productions:

Many of you have been wondering the past 2 months if I would join back with ACV or just stay my own productions. Well, I recently have been asked to be in TPR productions with 77gooner77, and Gezert. Both are great movie makers and I am glad to be with them! Down below I have made a TPR intro video so don’t forget to watch it!

Double Click the video to comment and rate 5/5! 😀

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


16 Responses

  1. Bike! We havent talked for a while! How are you? Comment back on my site! Lets talk! Maybe meet in CP???

    Bike Boy93 Said: I’ve been good you?

  2. You have Mike 92 on your blogroll, but he doesnt have you on his, and you said that you have to be on thiers. Once again, wierd!!!

    Bike Boy93 Said: That is because his blog is very helpful!

  3. Bike check out my other penguin Niblet biblet hes buddys with Cpmonster and Cornelius9, and SUPER RARE!

  4. Bike please please please please please please please please go to http://www.cheatgnome.wordpress.com !!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  5. i say 5/5!
    great job!


  6. cool lol awsome site

  7. this website is the best one ever its even better then watexs and wwe adams!!!!! bikeboy rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bike boy93 can I be on your blogroll? im a good friend:D

  9. can i be in the TPR?
    i make videos too. they arent that great your are better but i guess they are still good. if you dont know, i and the star of my own penguin show. so can i please be on this?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sorry, but we have enough members! Thanks!

  10. Bike, Lets talk. Maybe meet in zClubPenguin, or just talk on our sites. Whatever. Comment back and tell me you got this.

  11. CanI be in TPR, were friends?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sorry we are already full! But thanks 😀

  12. thats ok you still rock

  13. sweet dude!!
    your working with swiminn now!!!
    thats cool.


    -cpmac 😉

  14. awesome bike boy. congrats for you

  15. bike please see my videos on youtube and comment. my vids are called club penguin video. if you comment on it my show would get more fans so please watch and comment. if you want i can tell my cp video viewers about your site and your vids. that way we both get more hits comment back

  16. Hi! What do you use as your editting software? Please comment the answer on my site.

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