45,000 Hits Party Review

Hey guys! That was the best party yet and I am sure when I get more hits in the future they will keep on getting better! Anyways, I have made a video recapping the party, and it shows us dancing in rooms, clicking player cards, and even having a snowball fight!

Find Four Contest Winners:

During the party we had a contest. It was the first 5 people that could be me in find 4 would be published on this blog, and 5 people did beat me! Great job guys!

1. Bpenguin123

Bpenguin123 was great at find 4! She also was very nice and kind D She showed up 5 minutes before the party and stay a full 2 hours at the party! Bpenguin123 is truly a wonderful person, and if you see her on Club Penguin make sure you add her!

2. Kyogre Jas

When I was playing people in find 4 I noticed this penguin and he was very nice! He was waiting patiently for me to play him and I finally did! When I played him I was impressed how good he was! He is a very kind so if you see him on Club Penguin make sure you say hi!

3. Tren56

When I saw Tren56 I knew I had to play him because I remember seeing some of his good videos! He is very good at find 4 so if you ever wonder into the attic some day and see him waiting for someone to play him make sure you do!

4. 30hockeymick

When I saw 30hockeymick I wanted to play him because he likes my favorite sport hockey! He is also an awesome person and also was waiting patiently for me to play him in find 4.

5. Redsean

I don’t know Redsean at all but he came to my party and I thought it would be nice to play him in find 4 because he was being kind to me all of the party. It ended up he was the 5th winner and I was glad to have him up here D

This party was great! I was having a bad morning because I had to do chores but as soon as I got on Club Penguin and saw all my fans there it brought my expressions sky high. I hope to have more people come to my next party which will be when I reach 60,000 hits. I took some pictures of places we were at the party.

Here we were at the Cove pretending to make smores P

Here we were at the Coffee Shop making funny faces:

Waddle On!

~Bike Boy93~


8 Responses

  1. Im really glad you got your wordpress back man! Keep it up 😉


  2. Ha ha! Thnxs for posting me on here dude! Keep up the awesome work. Waddle on!


  3. Looks like a really cool party! could u add me to yre blogroll?

    Bike Boy93 Said: Sorry to be on my blogroll you must qualify to have 35,000 hits. Thanks

  4. aww ill never be on your blogroll i only have 10 hits!

    maybe ill try next year?


    u rock!

    waddle on!

  5. ahh this party was the best!

    bikeboy when i get 1,000 hits can u come to my party?

  6. mad im there but now im banned forever. 😦

  7. yay! im there!

  8. want All Party Club Penguin

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